Technical Specifications

Specification No. 02-1
Encasement of Drain Pans and Cooling Tower Basins

December 2002

Specification No. 01-4
Application Guideline for the Tinting of Safe Encasement Products

July 2001; Revised November 2004

Specification No. 01-3
Application Guideline for the Encasement Asbestos

June 2001

Specification No. 01-2
Encasement Guidelines for Metal Surfaces

April 2001; Revised February 2004

Specification No. 01-1
Encasement Guidelines for Painted Surfaces

April 2001

Specification No. 00-2
Encasement of Asbestos-Containing Soil

August 2000; Revised November 2004

Specification No. 00-1
Use of Safe Encasement Systems Coatings
Inside HVAC Systems after Mold/Mildew Decontamination

July 2000; Revised: February 2004; November 2004