SAFE Encasement Systems-Midwest has been involved in the manufacture and sales of environmental abatement coatings, or true tested barrier coatings, right here in the upper Midwest since the mid 1990’s. Formed by two engineers, our coatings are best described as barrier coatings. They allow one to spray, brush, or roll apply a coating system and achieve a true tested barrier for issues ranging from asbestos, lead-based paint, mold and mildew, arsenic, mercury, radon, copper chromated arsenate, methamphetamine residues in meth-house remediations, fire and smoke damage, and many more applications where a barrier coating offers an economical solution. Anytime through the simple action of painting, where the installation of a true tested and permanent barrier (20+ year life) offers an economical solution, we may have the coatings for you.

We start with low cost stabilization of the offending surface. This step is of course the most expensive in projects of this nature. This is when all the hazardous waste is generated, protection for workers, site visitors, and neighbors becomes regulated law, and project time / labor costs are highest. The SE-110MS multi-surface stabilizing primer can be applied over virtually any surface, with just the most minimal surface preparation. Examples range from soil contaminated with asbestos in a crawl space tunnel to an asbestos containing fire curtain with a mural painted on it, to simple lead-based paint stabilization on the windows of an historic church. The primer goes on white but dries clear into a true elastomeric film. It adheres at roughly twice the adhesion of normal coatings, while the film it forms has 4000% elongation. As some of the case histories indicate, it can be used in the first step of an abatement project for a wide variety of hazards, even multiple hazards on the same surface, or as the only step in surface stabilization allowing demolition with little further costs. The SE-110MS is frequently used for stabilization of paint just because of the labor savings achieved alone.

The SE-130 topcoat completes the encasement system, yielding the barrier properties that have been tested and shown to last in most scenarios for 20+ years. Note at the end of the effective life of the encasement, simply applying more topcoat, if any is necessary, can yield another 20+ years of life. The SE-130 has about 300% elongation, so the system achieved with the combination of this topcoat over the SE-110MS primer is a true elastomer, able to move with the surface both now and 20 years from now. This topcoat can be tinted to virtually any color. Just please do not freeze either of these coating products until they have had the opportunity to completely cure, that is about the only way to not achieve these wonderful properties!