SAFE Encasement Systems - Midwest

Welcome to SAFE Encasement Systems-Midwest, where we develop, test, manufacture, and sell barrier coatings. We define a barrier coating as easily applied over virtually any surface via spray, brush, or rolling, then curing into an elastomeric film that will remain adhered and flexible for 20+ years. If a coating is not an elastomer and has as one of its means of aging and failure the act of becoming brittle, cracking, chipping, etc, then of course it is not a barrier.

A true tested barrier coating is an elastomer upon curing, having a set amount of flexibility both initially and 20 years later. This barrier has been tested and shown to exhibit a specified permeability for water vapor, defined as a retarder but not a barrier. As such it allows a minute amount of water vapor to breathe through, but is impervious to much larger items such as asbestos, lead-based paint, mold spores, mercury, arsenic, radon, VOC’s, or essentially everything in our world that is larger than a water molecule.

Please read further about our barrier coatings, and certainly contact us if you have any questions.

In the photo at the right, a SAFE Encasement Systems-Midwest barrier coating has been applied to asbestos containing fireproofing and found to have safely encased it, as we also have done with our famous broken bottle demonstration. The resultant glove bag removal proceeded quite smoothly, and the facility manager called the removed piece his “rice crispy bar”. Click the image for a larger view.