Case Histories

Below you find various downloadable case histories in PDF format.

(CH-98-1) Insulation in Fresh Air Plenums
(CH-99-1) LBP on Inlet Air Grill Encasement
(CH-99-2) Hangar Renovation
(CH-99-3) ACM Boiler and Piping Insulation Encasement
(CH-99-4) LBP on Galvanized Metal
(CH-99-5) Flaking Paint Stabilization on Trusses
(CH-00-1) LBP, ACM, and Mold in Historic Courthouse Basement
(CH-00-2) ACM in Storage Room Ceiling Fireproofing Encasement
(CH-00-3) HVAC Drain Pan Encasement
(CH-00-4) Historic Veteran’s Home LBP on Metal and Wood Encasement
(CH-00-5) LBP on Rusted Metal Encasement
(CH-00-6) HUD Home LBP Encasement
(CH-00-7) ACM in Paint Encasement
(CH-00-8) Historic Church Window LBP Encasement
(CH-00-9) ACM Fireproofing on Trusses, Corrugated Ceiling Encasement
(CH-01-1) University Dorm Textured Ceiling ACM/LBP Encasement
(CH-01-2) Mold Remediation Wood and Metal Beam Encasement
(CH-01-3) Cooling Tower Basin Encasement
(CH-01-4) ACM Fireproofing on Corrugated Ceiling Encasement
(CH-01-5) LBP, Rusted Beams encasement
(CH-01-6) Mold on Insulation over Cooling System Encasement
(CH-01-7) Corroded Galvanized Metal Walls Food Facility Encasement
(CH-02-1) Historic Structure Stucco ACM/LBP Encasement
(CH-02-2) Indoor Shooting Range Lead Encasement
(CH-02-3) Traffic Light Posts LBP Encasement
(CH-02-4) Historic ACM Fire Curtain Art Work Preservation via Encasement
(CH-03-1) KY Home Mold on Studs, Concrete Encasement
(CH-03-2) Mold on Beams over Dirt Crawl Space Encasement
(CH-03-3) LBP on Stucco Encasement
(CH-03-4) Historic Boat Museum LBP Wood and Metal Encasement
(CH-03-5) Mold in Tectum Ceiling over Hockey Arena Encasement
(CH-03-6) LBP on Water Tower Encasement
(CH-04-1) Flakey LBP on Ceiling Encasement
(CH-08-1) LBP Stabilization before Demolition, Bridge over Mississippi